Wedding dress alterations

Sew Master Fashions understands it’s not easy to find a dream dress to represent yourself, once you found it, you would like it to complete your dream day to make a perfect wedding. 

However, not every dress fits all body shapes, and doesn’t matter what kind of body shape you are, we know… there is that little bit, that little bit you do not like about it, although other people didn’t think it is an issue… yes, we know…. Our experienced dressmakers will listen to your concerns and give you professional advices to make it perfect for you. 

We believe a well fitting Wedding dress bring out the best confident of you to walk down the aisle, to bring your sensational look to the next level. 


Wedding dress alterations is hard to quote without seeing it, as there would be so much difference for like a hemline of a plain simple wedding dress or a lace wedding dress. 

The best to do is to make an appointment to speak to our dressmakers in person, so they can give you an accurate quote and advices that works the best for you. 

Or you can simply submit our contact form or email with images of your Wedding dress, and tell us your concerns, we can get back to you with an indication of the cost and procedures involved. 

You might like to see our Wedding dressmaking page if you couldn’t found the right dress. 

What alterations can be done to my Wedding dress?

Hemline, the most common alterations on a wedding dress would be the length of it, however, all wedding dresses are made differently, some of them finished with a plain hem, some with lace and lace trim on the bottom, don’t worry, they can be altered, our dressmaker will have it done seamlessly, it will be finished like the way it came in.

Sizing, we would usually suggest brides to get a dress bigger rather than smaller, it will be better in the result, and more cost effective usually. For wedding dresses with lace, there is no issue altering it, our dressmaker are experienced with lace work and beading details, it will look as pretty as is. 

However,  if the wedding dress is too small, it is not the end of the world, come talk to our dressmakers, they know how to play magic sometime. We have had bride fell pregnant before their wedding, our dressmaker managed it seamlessly. 

Bustles, adding bustles to a long train, that is essential for you to enjoy the rest of your wedding night at the reception without tripping over or people stepping on it.

Restyling, we can change the look of an existing wedding dress, like adding or removing sleeves, adding zips or lace up panels, changing the shape of the skirt, neckline, shoulders, etc, let’t hit us with your creativities!

Wedding dress alterations
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