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Basic dressmaking

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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Sew Master Fashions provide dressmaking service to garment in any purpose, like dresses, blouses and party dresses, from daily wear, work wear to evening wear. We often see clients having dresses made for some occasions such as races, birthday, cocktail party, anniversary, etc. We always ensure it has been made from high quality and exclusive fabrics, sewn with extreme attention to detail, and finished by an experienced seamstress. 

Options to get your dressmaking started:
1. Bring in your own sewing patterns patterns, we can adjust the pattern to what you desire.
2. Bring in a garment that you like to duplicate in new material.
3. Bring us some pictures of what you like to create and discuss with our dressmaker


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premium dressmaking

attention to fine details

Formal and Bridal Dressmaking

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

Dressmakers in Sew Master Fashions are passionate about their work, and love to work with our formal girls and brides to create something unique to their important day. We will stay with you through the dressmaking process, and bring together your favourite elements from your dream dress to suit your style, personality, and body shape. We love to work with you to create something different, will not limit your creativity but assist you to archive the look you adore, to make you a unique dress. 

To have your dress custom made is the best option if your have your own idea on your dress but not able to find the unique one in the real life. We also welcome if you are someone do not know what you want and what suitable to you body shape and style, our dressmaker would love to share some design advices with you. The advantage from having your dress made with us is that you are free to choose the specific dress style and material that you like and that will make you look your best. 

Dressmaking process

First consultation

You will meet our dressmaker in person on the first consultation to discuss about the idea and concept of your dream dress. To get it started you can simply provide several pictures of what you are interested, our dressmaker will give you advices on the options, possibilities and concerns accordingly.

Weddings can be stressful and you may find that you either lose a little weight or gain a little weight during your engagement.

P.S. It is a good idea to send us some pictures of your ideas prior the appointment, so our dressmaker will have some time to prepare and give you greater advice on the day.

Mock up

Once we have put together a design for you, our dressmaker will create a mock up. It is the draft of the basic structure of your bespoke dress, it enable you to see the how the dress flow and how it sits on your body. And also, at this stage, it allows us to make adjustment and small changes to get the best result. 


Our dressmaker will put together the dress after the mock up fitting, then you will come in to the fitting with the undergarment and shoes you are wearing on the Wedding day, to make sure everything work well together. You feel free to bring along other accessories to get feedback from us, we are always happy to give suggestions 🙂 

FInal fittings

Final fitting is always preferred no earlier than 4 weeks before the wedding, unless you are travelling or other reasons. Weddings can be stressful and you may find that you either lose a little weight or gain a little weight closer the Wedding day even you have not planned. 

On the final fitting, our dressmaker will make sure the dress fit you perfectly before it goes home with you, and we will have enough time to do any adjustment if needed. For brides who are on body training or diet, we recommend you to have your last fitting 2-3 weeks before you wedding, you may discuss with our dressmaker to work out the best timeline for you. 


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