Custom made costume


This customer is going to a cosplay party, and decided to be a pussycat on the night. Anyhow, she could found the right outfit for it, or it just look cheaply with what is sold online. Then, she came up with a great idea, to have the outfit custom made! Sew Master is actually excited about this order, and more than happy to help her out and turn it around in a day.

We are loving the creativity on the job, this pussycat outfit is created by 2 body suits, one with Leopard patterned and the other one just plain white, what a good idea!!! We joined this 2 body suits together with the white at the front, it is just look liked Josie and the Pussycats!!!!! 

Sew Master Fashions does any kind of sewing job other than only standard/ wedding dress clothing alterations, dressmaking, come speak to us if you have anything in mind, we are more than happy to to help you out with it 🙂


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