Make changes to your clothes, make it unique.


Have you found that you could not found anything you like off the rack? For example, you like the cutting and design on the waist or the bottom part of a dress, but you do not like the neckline. There is always something you like or you do not like in a dress, make it not so ‘you’. 

It is hard to found a dress completely ‘you’, but Sew Master Fashions could make it work for you by changing part of the dress for you, like adding sleeves, changing neckline, adding in panels, etc. 

This client does not like the original design of this dress which with a lower neckline, see-through top and sleeveless design, so we have remade the whole topper part of the dress, from making a lined top with a higher neckline, adding chiffon sleeves with elastic below the elbow, she is very happy with it, because it is the style of ‘her’, comfortable to wear.

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