Tailored Jackets


Slim fit suits is on the trend, have you realised it is really hard to get one fits you off the rack? Sew Master Fashions does professional suit alterations, feel free coming in to get the professional opinion on your suits.


  1. Buy a suit fits you on the shoulder, as it is usually the most expensive area to get altered in a jacket. 
  2. If your jacket is very big on you, it is better to take it in from 3 of the seams at the back evenly, it will seat nicely into your shape. 
  3. Make sure the sleeves are not so lose while you get the body fitted. 
  4. The body of the jacket too long may make you look shorter than what you are, ask your tailor’s opinion on it, as it will not look good if the hem is too close to the pocket. 
  5. Do not have the sleeves length too long on a slim fit suit, the shirt sleeves should be shown under the jacket sleeves. 

Even a cheap suit will look great if it fits you perfectly.


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