Menswear Alterations Brisbane


Sew Master Fashions has been working on Menswear alterations in Brisbane city for 12 years, we are experienced to alter Men’s suits to have it fit perfectly on you. We understand how important is a suit in perfect fit, it gives you confident at work, as well as any special events. 

You know what? just a small changes on your suit could be a big influences on the first impression, it represents the personality characteristic of you. Men in tailor fitted suits give impression of wealthy, confident and successful, it is a must for any job interview, wedding and important meetings. 

What Sew Master could do on the suit alterations? There are variety of things can be done on a jacket in order to reach a prefect fit. For example, you have a board shoulder, found a jacket fits your shoulders but fairly loose on the waist, we can tailor the body to fit you. Or, you have a old suit in your wardrobe for a bit of time, and it is still in a good condition, we can get it altered to a modern shape, like a slim fit jacket, it saves you spending more money on buying a new one with a few hundred dollars. 

Anyways, Sew Master Fashions is here to help you out with any suit alterations concerns, come in with your suit, we will explain you the prefect fit. 



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