Bridesmaids dresses – buy online vs custom made




There are a lot of bridesmaids dresses online, a lot of style to choose from, but the quality of it is not guarantee. I believe there is a common experience for many of you that the dresses you bought online are not exactly liked what you have pictured, and the fitting is not what you expected, it was too long, too short, too big or too small…. That’s why, it is good to have your dresses custom made, the idea of having your dresses custom make for your event is that you can customise your interests of the style/ colour/ material on the dress.

Sew Master Fashions is here assists you custom making the dress that you have got in mind, you can get your dress made from scratch. We are looking after the design, material, fitting, and the final alterations of the dress. There is the one off price for everything, you do not need to worry about the fit of it, we do the measurement in person, and fitting locally. In this case, it helps to budget your event accurately without over spending.

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